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Pickriders is your one stop to be connected to the nearest available dispatch rider to you, at the best rate. Try us today.

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Reach dispatch riders in any location from one App.

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We are a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing fast, efficient, and reliable dispatch services to our customers. Our dispatch services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, and we take pride in our ability to provide innovative services that help our customers meet their demands.


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We are bringing the best solutions for you

Pickriders offers dispatch businesses the ability to invest in couriers and monitor their inventories and earnings in realtime.

Door Delivery

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Pickriders simplifies package delivery with convenient door-to-door service, enabling users and businesses to effortlessly send packages to friends or clients.

Pick up and drop off

You can select any location you want items and packages picked up, we show you riders around the location, you select and the rider drops off at the next location you want. It’s that easy!

Waybill drop off

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When your package gets to the state of you want it delivered to, you can easily select another rider to pick up and drop at the final destination.

Inter-State Delivery

Having the need to send or receive a package to and from outside a certain state is no big deal. Your rider drops off at trusted interstate delivery company that delivers it to the state of your choice.

Send a Rider App

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We allow you to easily find a rider that can run delivery errands to multiple locations.

Find and reach riders

With our App you have a wide reach and a wide option of riders to see that your package and items are delivered as smoothly as expected.

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Our App is 100% easy to navigate.

Our app is simple to use and navigate; we made it that way specifically for you. Its user interface is clear and concise, enabling customers to identify what they're looking for and carry out the appropriate tasks with ease.


Order a dispatch rider in 4 easy steps

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Choose a Service
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Provide order information
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Pay for the Service
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Receive your order
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We are coming to your city soon!

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Register and ride

Pickriders provides logistics businesses with an expedited registration process, enabling seamless deployment of their riders without any delays


Register and order rides

Pickriders empowers users to seamlessly search for riders on our app, facilitating swift and efficient item delivery to customers

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